Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Glee....

We pause for some shameless back-patting....

The Green Guide for Horse Owners and Riders is currently:

#5,657 in Books on Amazon.ca and... 

#2 in Riding... (beating Pat Parelli... HA!) 

#3 in Equestrian

#4 in Sustainable Agriculture!!

I had to take a screen shot .... and if you look closely, it says "only one left". YAY!


A Mish Mosh - Just another day in the life...

Many times during the day I think about something I'd love to write. Maybe I've come across an article I would love to comment on or an idea pops into my head or I remember a story that I'd like to re-tell. And then I get off work, I pick up the kids, we have our snack, I make supper, I do dishes, I reboot the laundry, I run M off to cubs/karate/wherever if I have to, I keep E off of the cats so they aren't squished into oblivion.

Rarely do I even get onto my computer.... wait, that's not true, I do squeeze in a round or two of an online game... one of those games that takes a minute to play. Because that's all I usually have ... a minute. By the time I get around to opening a word doc to do some actual writing, it's after 10 pm and the kids are in bed.

And this is after I stepped down from some boards! Some days I can't remember how I did all of this AND wrote two books...

Oh yeah, speaking of that.... my second book goes on sale in about two weeks :)

But my point is... I'm tired! It's after 11 pm as I sit and write this and my bed is calling me. But I don't necessarily regret the lack of time. Tonight I got to go with my son's cub group to a local observatory where we looked at the moon through an awesome telescope and spotted the international space station in the sky. I got to chit chat with some other parents while my son had fun running around with the other boys.... in the dark (no outside lights at an observatory, duh!).

I'd love to write about how M choose to come back and sit with me half way through the evening, just because he wanted to sit with me. I'd love to write about how he can't imagine that cubs will be ANY FUN AT ALL because he has to leave whatever he's doing NOW to do SOMETHING ELSE OTHER THAN WHAT HE'S DOING AT THIS MOMENT (horror!) ... and then every time he has a blast, regardless of the activity.

I'd love to write about E's first swear, which was exactly the same as my first swear (Uncle Gord may remember that one...). M's not-so-great-day at school that he did a great job recovering from, the PTA and how much I love other moms, the poor rabbits who are turning white at this time of the year and yet there's no snow for them to blend into yet, so they are quite the little targets for the coyotes.

But all that will have to wait until a day - soon - when I am rested.

I hope they have wireless in the retirement home. You think I can get some rest there?