Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tuning out to tune in

One of my most frustrating weaknesses is the inability to tune the world out. When I'm at work, when I'm at home, when I'm writing... I hear everything. I hear the tv in the other room, I hear the discussion at the next cubicle and I hear the 'bing-bong' of a new email hitting my inbox.

Some things cannot be avoided: the customer call that comes in when you are mid-sentence, the child that needs help getting the toilet seat lid up when you are in the middle of an interview, the deadline that must be made on the same night as the Lost finale.

But for the most part, these distractions are avoidable. How many times have you tried to start writing before the kids went to bed or with the tv on? Or what about that wonderful email list you are on with the chatty women? But when a deadline is looming - do you really need that email? Can't you catch up later?

Now don't get me wrong... this ain't no preachin' goin' on. I'm the worst of the worst, the queen o' distraction, the scatterbrain. Although I prefer "multi-tasker". And to be fair, I can multi-task like a sunovagun. So here's what I'm doing this week - and I challenge you to do the same:
  • When you sit down to write, turn off your email program. (I KNOW, honey, but you'll be OK!)
  • Turn the TV off one hour before bed time and write for that hour instead.
  • Spend one evening goofing off.. no writing. Yes, you heard me correctly. No Writing. Deal with the laundry, the wrapping of presents, the good shows on tv.


Willena said...

"worst of the worst, the queen o' distraction, the scatterbrain"

Are you sure you don't have ADD?!! LOL

I am very easily distracted, which can be a major problem in a family of nine with two cats and two dogs to add to the confusion. So I tune out the world by clapping on my headphones and turning up the volume nearly full blast. For the first few minutes I hear the music in minute detail, because I thrive on music. But soon another trait takes over... my ability to hyperfocus. I get lost in my writing and before I know it, 13 songs have played without my hearing a single note!!

I guess you could say I tune out to tune in. :oP

Willena said...

Hehe... er, I mean you could say I tune IN to tune OUT! :oP :oP