Saturday, September 09, 2006


I have this friend. I'm going to call her.... 'Teri Readall' ... and she reads a lot... more than I can. And luckily we have similar reading styles so we can swap books back and forth.

She also happens to be my person*.

She revealed a shocking secret to me today.

When she starts reading a book, she reads one or two chapters first... then she (brace yourself) reads the last chapter.

I know. I KNOW.

My response was along the lines of "What? Why? Why? What does that fulfill in you... what burning desire does that meet for you?"

Basically, she explained, she wants to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If the ending is good then she will excitedly devour the book to get to the end. (If it doesn't, then she'll still read it, but at not near the blistering pace.)

I just could NOT do this... not that my eyes don't sometimes wander ahead every once in a while... but, 'Teri Readall' has very rarely lead me wrong. And yet... this ONE thing, I just don't think I could do.

*Extra-special secret reference.

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