Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Resolutions

  1. Write Rookie Reiner (yeah, I should think so... I'm contracted to do it now!)
  2. Increase writing income by 10-15%
  3. Learn to do my own taxes
  4. Reach the milestone of 300 published articles (I'm at about 210)
  5. Finish my ICEA coursework and attend the September convention.
  6. Finish two more Book Proposals (one horse book and one non-horse book)
  7. Set up new accounting system.
  8. Pay off two credit cards, the line of credit and cancel one card.
  9. Move. (as in... out of this house...)
  10. Write more about common things people care about and less about politics.


Debbie said...

I just wanted to thank you for your comment at Right Truth on "Little Mosque". I put that post up thinking no one would be interested, ha. You just never know what will draw folks attention.

Have a wonderful New Year. Be safe, healthy and happy.

Gina Ritter said...

About #10.... awwww!!! Is that for you or for the nasties who will always be upset when reading something political? Don't let them dampen your spirits.

210 published articles - good for you!