Monday, October 29, 2007


Act as if it were impossible to fail.
-- Dorothea Brande

A co-worker of mine said recently, "I don't know how you do it all, I can hardly figure out how to be a dad and work full time... but you are a mom, you work full time and you have all these other things going on."

I admit, my plate is a little full. And I do have to stop once and a while and make sure that my full plate does not become too much of a source of pride. Because you know what comes after pride... right?

And I don't really want to drop a full plate.

I think that the reason I take on so much, is that I don't believe I will fail at them. I look at a task and think, "can I do this? do I want to do this?" and if my heart says yes both times, then I take it on.

Periodically, and driven by my own stress level, I reassess and sometimes I scoop a little off that full plate. I did that recently when I stepped down off of a committee that I'd spent two years chairing. It meant a lot to me, but at the same time I recognized that I had to let it go so someone else could do a better job.

Other things came in to fill it's spot... but they were different things, I could do them better or they took less energy or they were a better fit with my family.

I've also started trying to multi-task LESS and I'm finding I get MORE done. It used to be that I tried to juggle everything, including being a mom. But I started to realized that at the end of the day while I was here with my kids, I wasn't here for them. Once I started working full time and my son went back to school, I started seeing them even less. It meant that I wanted the time with them to be about them... not about me on the computer.

So now I spend more time playing, talking and attending. And when they are in bed, I sit down here at the computer and write.


Angela WD said...

I think you are so right that by taking a little off your plate, you can do more with the other things - and I'm sure, you do them better! Thanks for the reminder to keep my life balanced.

Lyle said...

You DO very well Girl!

Also, women learn early on how to 'truly' multi-task, unlike us guys.

Guys CAN learn... but many don't WANT to. To quote a contractor (male) who disparagingly said to me when I asked him to hang the drapes (after installing a new window), "HUH! That's skirt work!"

The Unsticking Coach