Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jodie Coston's Photography course - Lesson 1 - Assignment 2

We've had some weird sort of bug going through the house so my creative juices (gah, I hate that phrase... it's sounds so icky!) have been runnin' low.

But here's the lesson where I tried to take pictures of something from different angles. So, um, I present you Tree From Angle #1.

And Tree From Angle #2.

This is not very exciting, I KNOW! But I've been lying on the couch for the last couple of days! Weak excuse, yeah... I really liked assignment #1.

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C. Erickson said...

You won't hear me complaining! It was raining outside when I took my multi-angle shots, so I had to shoot standing under the overhang right out my back door!

That second shot is groovy. :) It took several moments before my eyes even knew what to focus on.