Saturday, July 22, 2006


It's going to be 90 degrees here today. I'm 37 weeks pregnant. We have no air conditioning. I have deadlines and not just the biological ones!!

Life is never smooth. It doesn't click and clack along like a reliable locomotive, impervious to the rest of the world. Sometimes it bumps and jiggles and shakes and shivers. Do you remember when you were a child and you spent your days just trying to figure out how life worked? Why wasn't it FAIR? Why didn't it go your way? Why were people so STOOPID? Why was your brother/sister so STOOPID? And what the heck was up with your parents?

You assumed that why you were Grown Up that life would be much smoother and would make SO MUCH more sense.

I don't know about you, but I'm still waiting.

Every once in a while things seem Just Right. It's about that time that I start looking over my shoulder and waiting for something to happen. It's silly, really. Shouldn't we just be able to enjoy the good moments in life?

This weekend, as I mentioned, is scheduled to be all hot and bothered. But unfortunately I have a couple of deadlines to meet, so I actually have to stay in my home office. What I'd like to do is go drive around in my air conditioned truck or go to the air conditioned mall and hang out... but I can't really do that and complete the interviews I need or access the internet like I'd like to.

There's a local coffee shop with internet access, but not so much in the way of kids stuff ... my son would bounce off of the wall. So for now I'll just practice good heat repellent techniques: keeping blinds closed, keeping the fans on, drinking lots of ice water... hoping my hands and feet don't continue to swell to gargantuan proportions!

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