Saturday, July 01, 2006

Writing Around Life

As a mother and a writer, it seems that there is always something ready to take the place of actual writing. Not just 'kids' but all the added duties that come with them. Laundry followed by dishes followed by folding laundry followed by making more food... then there are the trips to the park, to the beach, to the store... Half the time I'm worrying about a deadline or something that is approaching...

But then I remind myself that THIS is why I'm staying home and writing. I stay home to write and I write to stay home.

Today I have to edit my book proposal, but I'm incredibly uncomfortable with the heat and this pregnancy. But I've managed to find a semi-comfortable, semi-reclined position on the couch and I can balance my laptop on one thigh to type. My belly, especially my right rib cage area is aching and so is my back.

Something tells me that Hemmingway didn't ever have this problem. He had other problems, mind you, like constant hangovers. I guess you could say both of our problems were self induced.

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Michelle Hulse said...

HAH! He had other issues to deal with that I want no part of, like fun times with electric shock therapy. And I don't know, he did put on some weight so I'm sure he had to find a place for his belly while he wrote just like us preggie writers. :)