Monday, March 12, 2007

I love this time!

My son is half way through Kindergarten and I LOVE this time. He's gained so much knowledge, his social skills are vastly improved and his reasoning skills are better as well.

He'll be playing quietly and suddenly say "Hey! Favourite starts with F!" Or "Hey! Brain and train - they rhyme!"

It's the perfect time to foster a love of words. They are exciting to him, he is energized by figuring things out on his own. I'd love to foster a love of writing as well. He doesn't seem as predisposed to write. When he does write, he wants to write HIS way. It's hard for such a controller like me to let him write when it's not the 'proper' way. But I've been a mom long enough know to many enough mistakes trying to tell him HOW to do something. He reacts the same way as I would if someone were telling ME how to do something. We don't like that.

So I ignore it when he writes his name with a combination of capital and lowercase letters. It's no biggie. I write lowercase to him and he writes however he wants. I just want him to enjoy the writing and the reading on his own terms.

We went skating for the first time yesterday and it was a blast. I feel like I have learned so much as a parent. In my early parenting years I wanted to help him learn to swim or play games, now I know I just need to be present and allow the learning to happen while having fun. He is also a controller. He wants to be in charge as much as I want to be in charge.

As you can imagine we came to loggerheads several times. But this time it was fun. I just praised every attempt and encouraged him every time he fell. We left wanting to go back. It was a success.

Today I sign him up for Gymnastics as well. Plus soccer this summer. Yikes. We're going to be busy!! I've decided not to volunteer as a coach this year. Last year was enough. I like the role of 'just a parent' much better!

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