Friday, March 30, 2007

WAHM Thoughts

I know I didn't have a complete grasp of what it would be like to work at home. I thought I'd be sitting at parks writing and bouncing my baby on my knees while penning great works.

Or, you know, NOT.

I have been trying very hard to stick to some sort of schedule, but these little humans, the ones with the chubby faces and hungry mouths, they kind of want interaction and they refuse to be scheduled beyond the vagaries of "morning nap" and "afternoon nap".

My son is pretty good, although today when I was on the phone with my writing buddy, Tiff, he decided that it would be fun to attack me with nunchucks, yelling like a warrior and spitting spit. Not appropriate behaviour. So he followed it up with some climbing over the baby. Also inappropriate.

(She is learning to sit up and I have pillows propped all around her so if she topples then she won't crack her noggin on the laminate floor.)

I did manage to get my minimum 1000 words written though. It just took me most of the morning. Gee, I remember when I was working outside the home and I could write 1000 words in 15 minutes!

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