Friday, April 13, 2007

You should know...

... I am not immune to panic and procrastination.

Right now I have deadlines. Two or three or four... this weekend is my deadline, well today is my deadline for some...

But instead I'm wandering, making more coffee, checking email... ripping some music from my cds...

Do you do this?

Here's what you do. You just sit down and write. Just sit your butt down and write. I preach it. And now I'm going to go practice it.


monica - books are our friends said...

hi there. I'm well acquainted with this topic, finding-anything-else-to-do-but-write, so I had to comment.

sometimes i think i do better when i wait until the 11 hour. stressful but so far it works. what are you writing?

bbraasch said...

we were sitting with ron and maria today and we talked about you and your book. hi from bolinas!

I love it. I've been writing on the well for about 17 years, getting my daily fix of running some ideas through my fingers.

shaku atre once told me that the way to write a book is to get up every day at 4 AM and write for 3 hours.

I told her I had already booked those hours for another activity.

so far, no book, but the fingers are ready!


Nikki said...

hmmm yes. I experienced a horrible case of this about a month ago. I felt like a college school girl up all night cramming for the big test. That's my adrenaline rush. Please don't take it from me.