Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Jerk Face

Dear Jerk Face:

I'm going to guess that when you sideswiped my car sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, you didn't know everything that we have been going through.

You didn't know how hard it's been, climbing slowly out from under debt accrued living in this expensive city.

You didn't know that this car represented something for me. It was just about to become 'my' car, as we sold my beloved truck to save money on fuel and car payments.

Last month we put over $1000 into it, getting the brakes done. We bought it last year from my former in-laws. It was my former father-in-law's car and he and I havent' always gotten along, but you know what? When I drove this car I thought nice thoughts about him because it had been maintained very well.

I even harboured these secret feelings that in a way he'd passed it down to me. We were going to take care of it. The two car seats nestled in the back might have given you an idea that this is a family car. This is our family's car.

And yet, now we face the possibility that it gets written off. Because the damage is enough that we need to inform the insurance company and they get to decide what to do.

I can't very well drive around without a side mirror, can I? And the damage sticker is good for only so long.

Thankfully I did not find out about this yesterday when I was having A Day From Hell. It might have pushed me over the edge. But this morning when I drove the kids to school there was a wonderful song playing: "on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, I will not be moved."

And so I won't be moved. I won't give in to the anger that I feel right now. I won't Lose. My. Shit. I won't let this dissuade me. I know that people are fallible. I know that if you were in a good place, you would have left a note.

So I forgive you.




Dreaming again said...

AWWW That sucks!

Great response. That is an incredible song, from an incredible artist. Her songs speak to me in a way that usually gets straight to the heart of things.

Writing Mother, you're in my prayers.


Shannon McKelden said...

Big hugs, Heather! That really stinks. Your attitude, though, is admirable and will bring good things to you. :-)