Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thank You Hillary

I know I'm not American, and I try to be multi-partisan on my blog.... but I felt I had to comment on Hillary's "bowing out" speech.

It was well done, inspiring and graceful.

I felt proud to be a woman when I listened to her. Proud to identify as a "third wave" feminist. As she mentioned, I've grown up with the assumption that women get to vote, that all colours of children can go to school and that we are equal under the law.

"All this talk about women's rights is moonshine. Women have every right. They have only to exercise them. That's what we're doing." Victoria ClaflinWoodhull, first woman candidate for President of the United States, 1872

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Anonymous said...

It's just too bad that her campaign was poorly managed, low-down dirty and shameful.

For the record, before the primaries started, I would have voted for her. Now I never would.