Saturday, August 23, 2008

What do you listen to while writing?

I really haven't found one thing to listen to... I know I do well in silence, but really, I might just as well say "I write well in an Austrian spa" because my chances are about the same for silence.

Very often I have the tv on in the background, I try to keep it on the country music channel. I used to have the TV on all day long and I developed this really weird belief that if I turned it off, I Was Going To Miss Something Important!! Nevermind that it was always the same political blah-blah and pop-star-shaves-something crapola that it always is.

With my first book I wrote half of it alone in my living room/office while the kids were with my mother and with the music cranked. I especially listened to Pink. I don't know why, but I was practically a democrat after listening to her for so long that I had to immerse myself in some Toby Keith to get "right" again.


Jennifer said...

I like silence when I'm writing - and I have about as much hope of getting it as you do! I have one more year, and then my youngest will be in school all day. I'll still have my husband around every so often and our 19 yo who isn't planning on college (yet) but at least they don't come up and try to sit on my lap while I'm typing.

Joyce Anthony said...

I like silence--let me clarify that--I like the lack of human noise, or human created noise. My birds, the outside birds, water, thunder--none of that bothers me a bit. I actually love the sound of thunderstorms when I'm writing.

leenietwins said...

hmmm.. It changes depending on what I'm writing. But right now I really like to listen to Taylor Swift and the Cirque du Soleil soundtrack for the show Delirium. It was the show that was based on the music and not so much the typical cirque show. Anyway...LOVE the tunes.

Tieast said...

Lately I have been listening to I love this site because I can tailor what I am listening to. Sometimes I am in the mood for jazz, other times I want to take it back to my college days and listen to hip-hop. I know, I know...not what you may think creates writing ambiance, but it works for me!!