Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things I'm Sad About

My Starbucks has closed. It was located in my Chapters store. The one I have gone to for ten years. I'm sad, I loved Julio - my favourite coffeemaker who used to work at my favourite 7-11 before making that career jump to the Big Store. And despite the fact that I love that Chapters and know the manager, I'm considering changing stores because I am so First-World-Self-Absorbed that I can't walk around the book store without a Venti Soy Tazo Chai in my hand.

CBC Sunday is shutting down. I admit to not being a very big CBC fan, but I did love CBC Sunday. (For my 'merican friends, CBC is our public broadcasting company) Mostly because they cover topics I'm not interested in - in such an interesting way that I can't help but watch.

The fact that everywhere I turn there are people who are hurting... lately every other blog I click onto has a sick child, or they know someone whose child is sick or who has even died. It's horrible. I try my best to donate a few dollars here and there, but mostly I can just pray and be sad.

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