Saturday, July 11, 2009

27 Hours

That's how many hours of travel time I just spent going from Calgary, Alberta to LaPorte, Indiana. From the country of the maple leaf to maple leaf city. I am still amazed that I have to come here to actually find a maple tree.

But being here is nice. I like the family here because they are the same, but different. Two kids, working parents, like to laugh, kids drive us nuts, family drama overwhelms, we know what we'd do if it were all up to us.... That kind of "same".

The kids have asked 6521 times about going in the pool (not clean yet), I got to ride a Harley and their dog is awesome. Life is good.

Grandpa does not look well. I want to sit by him and ask him questions, show him his grand-daughter and make him laugh. He's happy to see his son and does his best to connect in his subtle, caring way.

The kids will camp out tonight, I hope there's no crazy storm like last night! But hey, at least I'll have a bed if they are out in the tent!

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