Thursday, July 02, 2009

Serenity Now!

I have a few things on my plate at the moment. There's the full time job. The book. The children. The liver cancer that is robbing us of a grandfather. The pending 2000 mile trip By Car. With the children.

But I'm a planner. I'm the planning queen. Want a goal accomplished? I'm your gal. I'm pretty good at the prioritizing and the timing too. You know, if I do say so myself.

Here's what I'm NOT worrying about:

who will feed the cats
if I'll leave my house clean or if we'll forget to take the garbage out and return to stinkville
if I'll finish all the laundry by the time we leave
if E will pee her sleeping bag everynight
whether or not we should bring a bottle with us
my jean size
who will take care of my plot at the community garden
work stuff

Here's what I'm focusing on:

I get to SHOP for things for our trip!
Our family will go camping for the first time.
I will get to read books
We will get to see Art
Emily will make Art smile
We will float on a boat at a lake

Will I have to take care of the things on the first list? Yeah, someone will and it will probably be me. That's one of my "issues"... I need to know what is being done and when. Now? What about now? or Now? It makes my husband insane, I'm sure.

But instead of expending energy on worry. I will just know that they will be done. I'll trust that I will find someone to feed the cats, that someone will water my garden, that we'll remember to take the garbage out. I know they will happen.

I will instead actively look forward to the good things, the shopping, floating, talking and reading. And I'll remember what they say, you can't pray and worry at the same time.

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