Thursday, March 04, 2010

Three Things

Getting a puppy last week seemed like such a great idea. And he is still the sweetest puppy even if he's a bit of a... ahem... humper. He was only neutered last week so it will be another few weeks before all the hormones are gone. Until then... woe unto the child who finds herself crawling on the floor playing with a toy.

And heaven help me but the first time it happened I was laughing so hard that I could hardly tell him to stop. After the tenth or eleventh time... it's getting a bit much.

Then last weekend our hot water heater broke. And it's still broken. That's five days without hot water. Thank goodness mom lives close by so we can head over to her house for showers and baths in the evening. I still miss my morning shower though...

And then, the topper of it all.... I found out I'm pregnant.

This was so not planned. This was a big OOPSIE. I had just recently made peace with the fact that my husband did not want any more children. My job was going really well and I felt like I was making career gains there. A child was not in the plan.

But now it is. And hubby is not thrilled. (Yeah, I know he was there for the oopsie!)

When I told my bosses, I totally broke down. If all the men in my life are upset with me, this is going to be a loooong pregnancy.

I know my husband will come around. I know he's upset and disappointed. He has retirement plans. He's 42 this year and will be 60 at this kid's graduation and that upsets him. I get that.

But I'm still happy. :)

Even with the broken water heater.

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Kira said...

I'm sorry, sweetheart, I've been totally out of the loop, and I missed your news.
Congratulations! I'm a little weepy here for you. A baby is such a good good thing.
Blessings on you all!