Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An encouraging word...

On one of my writer's lists, we discussed controversial writing. Many spoke about writing about abortion, same-sex marriage, religion, sexual abuse...

I write about horses.

And yet, there are still controversies. Who is right, who is wrong, who said what... it's rather tiresome. But I have often written about these controversies. The mistake I have made is to take a side. I should not do that. I didn't really think I had, but in hindsight, my opinion was clear.

And I've paid for that. Have you ever experienced the same?

Marcia Ford of Post Modern Misfit, sent me the following, and agreed to let me post her words:

I was a reporter at a suburban NY newspaper, so I understand your struggles. God has us where we are, writing what we write, for a reason,but as Christians, we feel we should be doing something more orsomething in a different way or something else altogether.

The way I see it, what God wants you to do is the same thing your editors want you to do: write fair, balanced articles that thoroughlyand accurately report on the controversy. That won't let your readership know that you're a Christian, but it's ethical, so the writing reflects who you are as a Christian.

And it may be that God has you where you are not for your readership but for the editors, the people you interview, and others you come in contact with. Even in our secular writing, God gives us wisdom and insights we can't get anywhere else. That prompts us to ask the right questions, go to the right people, look beyond the surface problem to get at the real issues, and present the facts in a balanced way. That may not get us known as Christians who write, but God may not be concerned about that at all. We can't always (or ever) know God's ultimate purpose in having us do whatwe're doing.

Be encouraged!

I certainly was, and I hope you are too.

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ljsquire said...

We, who call ourselves born again Christians, are more than obligated to tell the truth. Every letter we pen must be truth. Unfortunately, in this world, truth is no longer absolute. Instead, what one person calls truth, another will call opinion or perspective or even world view. Yet, as Christians, we must view the world through God's Word, and we must measure "truth" against God's Word, which is truth. When we do so, we often will clash with the world's view of truth and this results in people taking offense to our "opinion". The long and the short of it is that God is the only person who will judge us in the final day and so He is the only one we should be afraid to offend.