Friday, February 16, 2007

The Break

I have started a new policy in my home office. As soon as I make my deadlines, I take two days off. Two.

The first one is usually full of me pacing around trying to figure out what I should be writing. The second is actually relaxing. I always have something that I could be writing, but I don't think it's healthy for me to always be working.

Husband starts his job full time next Thursday. He's been home for almost 18 months while getting the proper visa to work here in Canada, so it's new for us. The other day my son asked "why is it just me and mommy and E at home all the time now?" Hubby has been going to the coffee shop to study for this test he had to take last Saturday before he could be employed.

The test that he practically ACED by the way. If you need a Financial Planner in Calgary, he's your guy!

I'm sitting in bed right now, typing on my laptop. I should probably be asleep... but it's nice to get some uninterrupted writing time. Kids are asleep in their room and it's quiet in the house. This is a good time to write. Of course it's even better if you've had a chance to take a nap in the afternoon!


robin said...

I just ran across your blog and I love it! I can relate to many of your posts.

I'll be back.

Laura said...

Yeay! I found you again. I just added you to my blogroll! Great material!