Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Queen of the Kindergarteners

I've been volunteering regularly at Kindergarten and am getting to know many of the kids in M.'s class. I take the baby with me, she's now 6 months and if I'm not carrying her, she's in her carseat being accosted by kindergarteners - which she quite enjoys.

The kids are a riot, I'm amazed at the variety of maturity levels... some kids look and act like they are much older than they really are. The teacher assures me that the 'more mature' ones have older brothers and sisters, so they have learned to act older.

I worry, though, about my older influence on them.

They were making Spotty Snakes, using white socks, markers and some buttons for eyes. About 6 kids were putting on a puppet show for me and the eye fell of one of the snakes. That's ok, I said, you can just be the one-eyed snake.

Yeah. You have to have your mind in the gutter for that one.

I might not have, but the teacher had just told me a story about her first year of teaching when she told a group of grade five gym students to "grab their balls".

I am learning. Like saying "wonderful!" instead of "perfect" when someone shows me their work. Using the word perfect may create mini-perfectionists.

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