Friday, February 02, 2007

Finding the WHY

Poynter Online has an excellent article up about finding the meaning behind our writing.
What's the "Why" in Your Work?

No matter your career path -- journalism, PR or others -- it's possible to find meaning in your work. But how arenewsrooms, caught in the rush of transition, searching for that meaning?

It's focused on journalism and non-fiction and really spoke to me this morning. We all have jobs that we do that feel small or feel unimportant. We need to be really connected to why we write to get that satisfaction each day.

The litany of challenges facing newspapers, broadcast TV, and yes, the Internet, too, is familiar to us all. And every day, the urgency to respond to those challenges intensifies.

It's in all of that urgency that I worry we'll leave meaning behind.

We must learn to shoot video, learn to record audio, learn to blog, learn to podcast, learn to chat online, learn to file multiple times for the Web and then file for the paper and our newscasts, learn to point our stories forward because so much of our audience "already knows," learn to post content produced by our users, learn to publish news reported by the public.

Are we clear about why?

There are plenty of days that I'm unclear. Here's to working on the WHY!

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