Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catching up on Blogs

Over the last couple of weeks I've woefully neglected my blogging buddies. I haven't commented, I haven't even read. How rude.

So I'm reading this morning. Here's the down low on my blogosphere:

Vicki at Standing Up For Your Child has a great post on modeling good advocate behaviour for your child. Her book Standing Up For Your Child is coming out in July and the first chapter is here.

Love has made Mir and Otto land barons.

Whitney Gaskell's new book Mommy Tracked is coming out on August 28th and you can find an excerpt here.

The Literary Chicks are signing off. Which kind of makes me grumpy, mostly because I feel like I neglected reading them and now they are gone.

Jenn has gone underground. Me thinks a) hubby found her blog or b) she is blogging somewhere else without telling me. I vote for c) both a and b.

Ann Douglas has an end of June grab bag post up. And she attended a 200th Birthday Party.

Tess Gerritsen talks about print runs and their effect on marketing your book.

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