Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Last Day of Kindergarten

Oh my eyes shall not remain dry today. Today my son has his last day at Kindergarten. How did this happen. How did I have a baby boy and blink and have a child who will soon be really and truly "school aged". I've tried to keep him a child, my child, my boy. I refer to him as the Kindergartener, unwilling to think that he's really "in school".

And he is still so small. I watch him walk and he's all knobby knees and elbows. All toothy grin and dirt around his mouth. All full of life and ready to do battle at the drop of a hat with my ruler as a sword and stick for his opponent.

Yesterday his school work came home. I cried sitting at my desk and looking through his writing. I laughed at the answers. What do I like best about kindergarten? "I like to play with the sticks." What I didn't like about kindergarten. "I don't like to do work."

He grew 4 cm and 1 kg. (1.6 in and 2.2 lbs) and he gained a whole new vocabularly and skill set. I've learned a lot from his teachers. I have always spoken to my son like he's a small adult, but sometimes I still don't give him the credit that he will understand what I'm saying. Oh he does.

I was explaining that he had new cousins once I married Major Man. He said "What do you mean?" I said "Oh, cousins are ..." he interrupted, to say "I didn't ask what a cousin is, mom, I know that..." He was just wanting to know how he got them and who they were.

Can you tell a difference between the first day and the last?

Day One

Last Day

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

How very sweet!

My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall and is so excited to be riding the bus with big sister. I turn to mush just thinking about it!

Melissa R. Garrett