Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love Thursday is Enough

So many things to love this Thursday!

Grey's Anatomy is back! My week is complete!

Found out today that next week Hubby goes to pick up "pre-course material" from the job-that-isn't-yet-officially-his-yet-but-why-else-would-they-enroll-him-in-the-training-class-job.

The baby slept for six straight hours last night. She's finally getting over her sickness. No one puked last night either. Woot!

Granny is better. She's happy. She's awake. She's excited to still be here and I'm happy too.

I already love my new editor because she was awesome on the phone today. I think she's used to more... sensitive... writers, but she has me loving the editing process already. AND she said they were very happy with the photography I did! YAY! I can now justify the dollars I spent on camera equipment.

Desperate Housewives and LOST and ER and Grey's Anatomy and Brother's and Sisters were ALL NEW this week. It's like a trifecta, no a ... what's five? A quintecta. A pentatecta. Five perfect hours of TV watching where all I had to think about was "why does Christiana have 'intestines in hand!' and will Luka leave Abby? and who is the father and I can't believe Ben denied his daughter!"

My new credit card has a 1.9% balance transfer rate until October. Take that stupid mastercard that won't lower its interest rate.

There is almost nothing that can't be cured by LOLCats.

I have been going to the gym and feeling it - this is good. This is progress.

I have enough. Enough love. Enough time. Enough people. Enough.

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