Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey, Kid, Are You OK?

I'm really enjoying my Standard First Aid Course this weekend. Weird, I know, but I think in another life I could be an EMT or something... Now I'm a coiled spring, waiting for someone to drop so I can practice my mad life saving skillz.

When I came home I figured I'd pass on my knowledge. Witness my kids' mad life saving skills.

M practices "hey, kid, are you ok?"

Then it's 'chin lift' and look, listen, feel...then Airway check and Breathing check...

CPR or Circulation
I have to admit, he's got some good skillz... he even knew what to do (I'm not sure where he learned them!) and how quick you are supposed to do the chest compressions... and he knew (and made sure to tell me) that when you practice on another person you aren't supposed to do it FOR REALS. Smart kid that one. 

E had a different technique. 

"Hey kid, are you ok? Let me maul you, just to check."

Airway check... can you breath when I cover up your face? How about poke you in your eyes?

Circulation via the popular "wrestling" technique:

Makes sense though... usually we're performing some kind of first aid on Miss E. In fact, in my class today I realized I had first hand experience with multiple scenarios... thanks to my no-holds-barred daughter.

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