Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Bikini Dare .... who's with me? ...... *crickets*

I did something tonight. Something horrible. It wasn't eating the last two sugar cookies, though that was pretty horrible ... with a side of stupid.

I put on a bikini.

And took a picture of myself. Three pictures actually. Front, side, back. And I did not suck it in. I let it hang all out.

My intention was to print them off and hang them on my fridge. Except what's even worse than that? Yep, putting them on my blog. The back shot is SO AWESOME with the back boobs.

Are you ready? Have you cleared the room of small children? Whalers?

So why am I doing this? Why in all that is holy would I put all the fab flab out there? I think it's a little shock therapy (for me, maybe also for you!) but I have my reasons:

1) I believe we should be honest with ourselves - My body isn't perfect but it brought two babies into this world and it's done doing that and now needs to do something else. Be healthy and fit.

2) I'm putting my application in for the Army Reserves in the Field Ambulance division. I need to pass the physical by December.

3) I've walked around a beach wearing the outfit above and if I can do that in public what the heck is different with putting it on the interwebs? (I can't hear the fat jokes, that's what!)

I'm about a size 14 and 184 lbs. My goal is not a size or a weight... though I'm sure I could define that goal as well. My goals are to be able to run a mile and a half in under 15 minutes by December, be able to do 10 push ups and 25 full sit ups and to feel comfortable in my skin.

The funny thing is... just by posting these unflattering photos, I feel more comfortable - and more honest - already.

So.... is anyone else up for the bikini dare?


Patti said...

Um, let's just say I look a lot like you and leave it at that. I haven't had a bikini in the house in 20 years! ;)

That said, if you need to get in the best shape of your life, I've been using Insanity, and that's exactly what it does. Many, many push-ups!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya Heather. I will run with you - but I will not post my bikini photo with you. (I think the underware photos are enough! lol)

Serenity Now! said...

Thanks ladies :)

I'm glad my husband's a butt man, that's all I have to say about that! :)

Divawrites said...

Good for you. I have worn a bikini exactly once in my life, for about an hour...and I was 12-13.

I don't own a bikini, I've never owned a bikini. I don't plan to own a bikini. Bathing suits and the thoughts of appearing in public in one send me into an apoplexy.

But I will join in your fitness quest. And I will be honest...deep breath. I'm 5'5" and currently tipping (and I mean tipping) the scales at 208lbs.

Waddling off to weep in my (black) coffee now.

Serenity Now! said...

Good job on posting your weight my friend! SO brave!! Woohoo!

Don't you feel better? I think weight is like a dirty little secret we think will totally ruin us if it gets out... but it's only a number!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul to post it here. KUDOOOO's to you.
In reality the lbs we see on the scale wouldn't matter as long as we fit into our size 6/8 jeans... We are to cherish the temple...our body yet we abuse it. I've been on the roller coaster ride of foods and weight. YIKES.. you go lady!!! I'm with you in spirit

DeMisty said...

According to the CDC, I'm overweight, but not far from obese. I look a lot like you and do not consider myself obese! Overweight, but not obese. With that said, I think you look pretty great for having two kids!

I don't think I could post a pic, though. I just recently weaned my twins and my breast have deflated to something they never were. Lately, I've been singing, "DeMisty's breast they ain't what they used to be, ain't what they used to be, ain't what they used to be." Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Maybe not the running part but definitely the putting up the horrifying pictures and the getting in shape part. Good luck mama!

Serenity Now! said...

GO Kait who joined the challenge!!