Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Deluge of Magazines

At the beginning of the month, the mailman begins to look at my house with a heavy sigh and an overly dramatic pursing of the lips. He does so while dragging a bag behind him that is filled to the brim with my favourite indulgence: my magazines.

I'm a magazine, non fiction writer, so I can actually write off many of the subscriptions. Especially since I have a pattern of subscribing to a magazine, then writing for them consistently enough that I get put on their free subscription list.

Right now I get about a dozen magazines each month. That's a lot. It really takes me the rest of the month to find time to read them. And because I'm such a hoarder, I tend to keep them for a long time. Thankfully my husband just steps around the piles of magazines in our room. I do use the old ones... usually for filler in boxes when we move!

Speaking of moving... we have found a perfect, beautiful piece of heaven to call home. We've interviewed for it and gotten to the references stage... please pray with me that we get it!

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