Friday, January 29, 2010

Boy Wonder

This is boy wonder. And I say boy wonder without the slightest bit of sarcasm. He is wonderful. 

When the teachers tell me what's wrong, even when they lace it with "he's so sweet", I remember the wonderful way he is with his sister - reading to her at night, taking care of her when they are out together, holding her hand when we cross the parking lot, how he can't fall asleep without one of the cats with him, how animated he is when he's reading a book. 
ADD - Predominantly Inattentive

We've tried two different drug trials with him. The first, Concerta, lasted a day because the lowest dose made him a manic depressive child. The second, Adderall, helped his classwork, but resulted in "Adderall Rage" at night. In my jacket pocket I have a prescription for Strattera. We haven't filled it yet. Thankfully, the pediatrician recommends a break of a month or so before we start another - if we choose to. He supports us if we don't. We will try some homeopathics, some food changes. Some counselling and behaviour skills training and support. 
But through all of this, he has remained the same boy. 

Wonder Boy. 

And thankfully, after a few difficult weeks, I have him back. He is himself again.

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