Sunday, January 10, 2010

... So I Don`t Have to Work ....

Sk8R Boi is now 8 years old. He`s manish and boyish and goofy and all SpongeBobby (read: spazy). But I love him for every quirk and crazy habit.

Every once in a while I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up. Sometimes he`s said paramedic (usually after his sister has injured herself...) but lately he says (and I quote)... "I want to be a professional snowboarder so I don`t have to work."

Now, I am a mom who has always wanted to support her childrens`dreams. In fact, I remember telling a certain father-in-law that if my son wanted to be a ballet star (I have no idea what they call male ballerinas...) then he could be one. I might have been poking a stick at a bull on that one, but it was true. That was when his dreams were still "mmmm boooooobs."

 And I will support him. I will encourage him. I will enroll him in gymnastics because his dad says it will make him a better snowboarder. I LOVE that it`s something he loves to do with his dad (who, I might add, was once one of the top 10 snowboarders in Canada). But I worry about that second part of the sentence.... "so I don`t have to work". Oh honey. It`s still work. I love writing, but it's still work!

Oh, but wait, insert the quote about ":find something you love to do and then get so good at it that they pay you to do it".

Considering his feelings about school and work and having to sit still and listen to teachers.... I worry that he will think somehow that he's going to get this free ride where he'll just get to hang out, snowboard and get a free ride. He's already told me about the snowboarders that have their own planes or helicopters or limos. And it would be quite cool for him to achieve that degree of success. 

But what about a back-up plan?

At 8 years of age, I hardly have to worry about him locking into a decision too soon. And I will still do all that I can to support his dreams. But what happens when his dream becomes work?

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