Sunday, January 31, 2010

This was not the picture on the cover of the box.....

I splurged on my children today. After passing by the Crazy Forts box for weeks (every time I went into Chapters) I decided they were worth the $49.99.

After helping them set it up, they decided to get a little creative and make their own type of crazy fort.  There was actually a few sounds of BROTHER AND SISTER HAVING FUN. The cats scurried upstairs to escape so I knew they were having fun.


Please ignore the lack of decorating skillz. We bought the house this way, they hadn't remodeled since the 60's. But they look like they are having fun, don't they? They are, they may not admit it under questioning, especially boy wonder... but they are.

So I kept on making dinner. The cats were staying as far away as they could. The noises were getting louder. They were sounding less and less like fort making and more and more like the seizing of Fort Ticonderoga (hat tip, Diana Gabaldon!).

So I snuck downstairs to find:

This is called "sword fighting" and it is apparently infinitely more popular than actually making a fort with $49.99 fort making equipment. Next time I'm buying the pack of 24 wooden spoons for $10 and calling it a day.

Please note my daughter's choice of mismatched socks and the body of Dora, who was apparently a casualty of the seize. And peep that stylin' couch while you're at it... that was the "it's too heavy to move so we'll leave it when we sell the house" couch.


Anonymous said...

LOL... you are capturing real life here. I think my brother and I did the same thing over 45 years ago, with a free fort based on the box the new stove came in. The swords came from the wooden planks at the bottom of the box.


Trudy said...

So don't waste my money huh? I've been looking at that Crazy Fort box for over a year and wondered how well it worked. Let me know if they actually get a fort out of it sometime Heather! Too funny. At least it kept them occupied.