Saturday, August 12, 2006

Big Boy

To say that I never thought this day would come is a little bit overdramatic. To say that I couldn't imagine it arriving is closer to the truth.

My son is five. He's FIVE. Years. It's one of those milestones that seems so far away. Until it's not. And now I'm left trying to remember all those things we've said he could do over the last year "when he's five". (I believe the other milestones are 10, 13, 16 and 18... those are just unimaginable right now...)

For the first time, M got cash for his birthday from two different family members. Totally $30. He was sitting on my lap (what little lap I have left) when he opened the cards and I said "Oh! Look! What are you going to buy?"

I could hear my husband's eyes roll from ten feet away.

Apparently the correct response was "Oh! Look! Now we can open up a SAVINGS account."

I'm still learning.

I have to agree, a savings account is a much better option. We've decided that we will match every dollar that he saves... but the condition is that he must have approval for every dollar he takes out of the savings account. This will be reassessed when he's old enough to get a job and have a paycheck. (Hint: I'll be completely lost at that point because I have no idea how to parent a working kid who makes his own money...)

We are soon going to start him with an allowance. But we haven't figured out HOW to do it. We do know one thing... with an allowance comes regular chores. But we just need to figure out what chores are appropriate for a five year old. (Ideas?)

My son impresses me. He has become this considerate little child.. sorry... considerate big boy. There was only one other child at the birthday party (we usually have family get togethers and he's the only other kid) and they played so well together it was amazing! Not only did M let the younger child help open presents, he shared his toys with him afterwards. It was a little touch and go with the new Lightning McQueen car... that's the 'special' present... but he did share just about everything.

How did I go from being the parent of a child to the parent of a big boy is such a short time?


thordora said...

Mine just turned 3, and that was hard enough...

it jus goes too fast....We'll need to start the savings thing next year, although most money gifts go into the RESP as it is...

Lauri said...

It does go fast - Happy Birthday to your Big Boy, and Happy Anniversary of mothering him to you!

Kelly said...

5 is a big birthday! SOB! What a big boy. Happy Birthday!