Monday, August 07, 2006

What's on your desk?

Thank you to Tod Goldberg who not only has one of the funniest blogs (if you aren't averse to swear words) but who also gave me this idea.

What is on your desk?
  1. Two digital recorders and a microcassette recorder
  2. A can of mints
  3. A phone and headset
  4. Notepad for writing phone messages
  5. receipt for recorders
  6. Notes on research I still need to accomplish before the end of the month
  7. One of those jewelry holding things with my engagement ring, watch and several sets of earrings - my fingers are currently too swollen to manage the engagement ring AND the wedding ring
  8. Several different sized Post-It Note pads
  9. Pens in boxes, pens in coffee mugs, pens in pen holders, pens not taken out of their fancy carrying case
  10. Fancy ceramic coffee cup holder
  11. Four cds of supposedly calming music that I've never listened to, despite the fact that I bought them over a month ago
  12. Three lip balms, all different
  13. A needle and thread for... ?
  14. My passport and birth certificate in a fancy little holder so I don't lose them
  15. A pocket knife with a variety of other implements, kind of a cheap Swiss Army thingy...
  16. Random sticky notes on which my son has drawn me pictures
  17. Bottle of glue
  18. Big box of stick pins
  19. Big box of multicoloured paperclips
  20. US and Canadian postage
  21. Sunglasses
  22. Sticky note with the words "all that is intended shall be provided unto you"
  23. Fax machine
  24. Fan
  25. Out of date weigh scale for postage
  26. Recipe box filled with cards, each one with a contact on it... I like the old school style of contact management
  27. A thesaurus
  28. The Elements of Style by Strunk & White
  29. Photocopies of some recipes that I need to file away... in the kitchen
  30. Three pregnancy tests, yes, three and yes, ON MY DESK

These are not particularly exciting things... but they give you a weird little glimpse into my office. What's in YOUR office?

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